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‘Marriages In Abuja Lasts 2 Months Because Girls Don’t Want Men Earning 200k A Month’ – Ahmed Kabir

How many people do you know who have lived fake lives just to be able to entice and marry the woman they desire?

There are alot of such people and the men can’t be fully blamed for all this when infact it is some of the ladies who are fully into material things that push the men into living a fake life. A Northern man on Twitter described why some marriages in Abuja fail as a result of these shortlived material life.

Abuja as a town has many Northern elites domiciled in the city which is quite expensive but the man claimed that some of these marriages in Abuja don’t last due to the fake lives some men put up to marry ladies.

According to Ahmed Kabir; “400k is not enough ? A girl will tell you she can’t marry 200k a month. They find a scam with Company Profiles in the backseat, exactly why marriages last 2months in abuja. Half the flats in Brains&Hammers, prince&princes are now empty.

Once again E-CLASS gear box has spoilt!”

Ahmed Kabir

For those confused about what ‘Brains & Hammers’ is, it is a real estate development and management company that is renowned for its massive real estate success in major cities in Nigeria.

‘Prince and Princess’ on the other hand is also an awesome neighbourhood in Abuja and this man believes some of the flats in these places are getting empty just after few months after newly wedded couples move in.

There are many satellite towns in Abuja which are quite cheaper and also affordable characterised by just few minutes drive to tbe city but some persons have made it a habit of deceiving ladies in order to get married to them.

After the wedding, things turn out to be sour because the union wasn’t given a strong foundation of trust, contentment and love.

What do you think of this man’s words?


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