Married For 5-Years And He Had Never Touched Me, I Regretted All My Life The Night I Found Out Why

When I was still very young as a teenager all I have ever wanted was to have a happy marital home, good and loving kids with a honorable husband. All my life I have stayed single and waiting hopefully for my right man to come, even when my friends were all engaged in a relationship, I never saw it as my thing and was never a day interested.

At my level-300 in school my parent started troubling and disturbing me, saying I should bring a man home, a man am interested in, a man I want to marry, but all I always tell them is that I haven’t find my choice yet. Not too long after I entered level-400, my school held an orientation and students from other schools were invited.

After the orientation, I was opportuned to meet with the director of the service who happened to be a year 4 MBBS student, we had a conversation and exchanged contact. Days after, we got in touch through the media, started checking out for each other, growing and going out together and eventually I started falling for him, he was also interested in me and we started a relationship.

A year and few months after we both graduated and got married, but before we got married, he never for once took me to bed or felt weak in bed for me, all he could do is kiss me. With little or no idea, I thought he was keeping to faith and marital spiritualities. And few months after our marriage he still haven’t made a step to having me in bed, every time I ask him to join me in bed he always end up give one excuse or the other.

Two years after our marriage he got an international job, were he travels and stay for a 9 to 10 months before returning home, what is amaze me is even after his back from his long stay at work, he still don’t seems to long for me, I got so tired with the situation and had to discuss it with my mother, I did but she had no idea of why he was doing that, so she couldn’t tell me what to do.

Four years after, I made plans on to divorcing him because I was already tired of the whole drama, while making ways towards divorcing him, he returned from work when it wasn’t yet time for him to come back home. On the third night after his arrival, I woke him up one night to have a conversation with him on why he had been leaving me to my feelings for close five years of marriage and what he showed me couldn’t help, I got into a cry all the night.

A week after that night, I called him again to explain to me how come he had a surgery in his p part.

He started by saying, he have had that surgery for 12years, 7years before I got married to him, and that he had an accident when he was still a teen whereby he got a cut in his body and taking to the hospital, as a result of the injury he had to undergo an operation that made him lost his dignity as a man. After he was healed the doctor told him he can’t have s** let alone having kids.

I was lost in the pool of years hearing his story, and all that he had went through due to his situation down to how he was bullied and humiliated by two of his girlfriends how found out about his human state while they were still month old in their relationship, and that all those made him never wanted to get married in life, but after he met me, he couldn’t help his feeling.

I asked him why he never told me this, he replied saying he love all of me and that he have a feeling he can’t survive without me, so he decided not to tell me untill I found out as well, and it will be my decision to make either to stay with him or not.

My husband’s story touched my feeling and I don’t know what choice to make, stay with him or divorce and go away.

Please help me decide, let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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