I Married Her, She Has Given Birth To 2 Kids Before I Realized This Disgusting Fact (Fiction) - Mc Ebisco I Married Her, She Has Given Birth To 2 Kids Before I Realized This Disgusting Fact (Fiction) - Mc Ebisco
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I Married Her, She Has Given Birth To 2 Kids Before I Realized This Disgusting Fact (Fiction)

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My name is Jean, 56-year-old, I am a native of Lagos in Nigeria. I have a shocking confession to make about how adultery had given me an everlasting heart ache and misery in my life.

Note: all elements (pictures, characters, ideas etc.) employed in this article are absolutely fictitious. Any similarity to real life situation or someone’s personal life story is just a coincidence.

I am a very dashing tall man that a woman would like to have as her husband. I got attracted to many women due to my handsomeness. I felt like a king when women keep seducing and professing love to me. I keep flirting and having relationship with them. It was on this journey of life I had met a beautiful lady known as Marie.

Marie was a very beautiful young lady. She was elegant and fashionable. A lady who was blessed by his creator with attractive curvy body. I profess love to Marie and she accepted my advances towards her. I love Marie and she love me as well. Marie and l have dated for not less than two years and we had had romantic relationship together.

I felt like Marie and I couldn’t get along anymore in the relationship. So I have to move to the United States in search of greener pastures. That was how Marie and l departed and lost contact to each other. There was no phone then. It was in the 19th century.

On getting to the United States, I met a very beautiful lady known as Josy. I was attracted to Josy and I profess my love to her. She accepted my advances and we married legally as husband and wife. She is the one who had made me a legal resident in the United States.

We had married for six years and she had given birth to two kids, a boy and a girl. Although Josy didn’t know my parents neither did I know her parents as well, We meet in the United States and we had got married because we love each other.

On a good evening, Josy had sitted me down and told me that it was time we went to see her parents in Nigeria. I was very happy because I love Josy and I would like to know her parents. Also, I was very happy that I would visit Nigeria after some years I had leave the country for the United States.

I accepted to follow my wife, Josy to Nigeria to see her parents. On getting to Josy’s parent in Nigeria, I sitted on a couch in the sitting room expecting my mother-in-law whom we had came to meet in Nigeria from the United States. Josy had gone inside one of the room to call out her mother. As I raised up my head to lean my body on the couch I was sitting, I saw a frame of a beautiful woman which was hung on the wall. I realized that the face in the frame looked familiar, I sprang up from the couch, rose on my feet and moved closer to the inviting frame. Behold! I was very surprised. “She is Marie”, I said to myself.

Josy had brought her mum to the sitting room where I was standing staring at the frame on the wall. She was very confused why I have been staring at the frame with such great concentration. Her mother asked her, “is this your husband?”. “Yes, this is my husband”, she replied. Marie and I had recognised each other and Josy had asked if we know each other before.

Replying her question, Marie told Josy that her father that she had always told her about was me. Josy was bewildered while I keep staring on the floor. I was shamefaced and I couldn’t utter a word. Josy asked her mother, “he is my father?”. Her mother replied, “Yes, he is”. She shown her a picture I had featured with her from 10 years ago.

It was a very inconvenient moment for me, when I had realized I had got married to my biological daughter with two kids before I realized she is my daughter. It is such an heartache and everlasting pain and regret for me.

I think nemesis had befallen me. I had turn deaf ear to the word of God which prohibited adultery and fornication and this is more of a punishment to me from him. I pray he forgive me. My personality of adultery and discontentment had caused me a lot of shame and everlasting pain.

It is on this note I would like to advise you my readers to refrain from adultery and fornication. God, the all-knower of everything had prohibited these acts because he had known the pain and misery it will bring to our life. A perfect example is my case.

I had married my biological daughter and she had born two kids for me. I’m shamefaced and confused. I’m depressed and I don’t know what’s next to do.

What do you think I can do?

Drop your advise in the comment section below. Let me read from your perspective to this.

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