Before You Marry An Igbo Girl, Check Out These Three Things

Nigerian women are naturally beautiful regardless of the tribe or religion. But women from each tribe has some things that make them unique and different from women of other tribes. Different tribes also have different beliefs and traditions.

One of the tribes in Nigeria that has beautiful and unique women is the Igbo. Their women are not only beautiful but confident as well. For men, especially non-Igbo men – that is men who are not from Igbo, getting married to an Igbo woman may seem like a daunting decision. But the truth is that there is nothing complicating about marrying an Igbo, but there some simple facts about Igbo women that you need to consider.

For a marriage to last, the two partners have to be compatible with each other and they must have a deep understanding of themselves. If you are not from Igbo as a man, you probably won’t know much about Igbo women and so you may assume what is not true.

Here are four things you need to know

1. Igbo Women are not proud

This is a very common misconception about Igbo women. Igbo women are not really proud, the fact is that Igbo women are confident. Many people misinterpret this confidence and high self esteem as pride – which is not true. If you are a confident man, you will find it interesting be with an Igbo woman.

2. Igbo women are hard working

This is one obvious thing about Igbo women. They are naturally hard working and determined.

3. Igbo women don’t love money any more than women from other tribes

“Igbo girls too like money”- this is another popular misleading statement about Igbo girls. The truth is that Igbo girls love money just the same way girls from any other tribes love money. The only difference is that Igbo girls themselves are hard working, so they tend to select men that are also hard working which makes people believe they only go for men that have money.

Igbo women are generally demanding, which means you are a lazy man, you will not be comfortable around them. They also make great wives when you understand them. They are caring, hard working and they also support their man in every possible way they can. They are really an asset to any man.


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