Before You Marry Any Lady, Make Sure She Has These 5 Qualities

Marriage is not just something you wake up in a day and decide to venture into it. It is an adventure that requires day to day activities which begins from normal friendship, dating, courtship, engagement — leading to a life union eventually.

So therefore, before you can ever think of choosing a lady you want to marry, you must have studied her during the friendship stage and ask yourself, is she someone that has what I want? Does she posses the kind of character a good lady must have?

Of course, if you should base your parameter of marrying a lady on beauty alone, you should know that problem may happen when you have eventually married her. However, to avoid issues in your marriage, then you must ensure your wife (to be) posses these five qualities:

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1. Being beautiful: this is not the only quality through which you can use to depend who you should marry, but it is one of them. As you can’t avoid to wed with someone you can not be proud of. You should be able to take your lady along with you everywhere you go, and of course, this would not be possible if she is not beautiful.

2. Being respectful: respect is a virtue, especially for ladies in a relationship. They must learn how to be submissive to their husbands in order to avoid daily misunderstanding. However, if a lady is proving equality between you and her, then she’s someone you should not marry at all.

3. Ability to provide solutions to problems: Of course, marrying a lady means you’re getting a life partner. Therefore, you should consider going into a union with someone who has a positive and mature mindset. Someone who can easily figure out your problems and solve it with her advises.

4. Being jovial and lively: If a lady is too gentle and quiet, it would definitely make the relationship boring. In order to enhance the liveliness of a marriage, you should get someone who has the ability to make you smile always with her jokes.

5. Being neat: You wouldn’t like it when your house is always rough and untidy, this is why you should marry someone who doesn’t like dirtiness. A lady who can easily clean the room, toilet and sitting room in order to ensure cleanliness in the house.

However, the above qualities are not the only things you should consider in marrying a lady, but they are key footprints you should follow to ensure a lasting and peaceful marriage.

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