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May The Throne Forgive The Looters, See Iconic Projects Oba Of Lagos Did For The People Of Lagos.

The Oba of Lagos, Oba Akinolu is known has the traditional ruler of Lagos State. The monarch is a first class traditional ruler that chairman the Lagos State traditional ruler council.Photo of Oba Rilwan Akinolu the Oba of Lagos.

The Oba of Lagos who has been seeing through the rulings and affairs of Isale Eko is not just the Oba but a father who has been using his influence and money to aim a better life for the people of Lagos island. Despite, the philanthropic projects the traditional ruler has put up for his people lootets and hoodlums still storm the palace and empty it from everything valuable.

The looting of the traditional ruler Oba of Lagos is not a welcoming idea and should not be an encouraging attitude in any society. May the Throne forgive the perpetrators of the evils of looting.


Today let’s check out some iconic projects the Oba of Lagos has put up for the betterment of the people he rules.

For the past fives years Oba Riliwan Akinolu has put an employment programs for graduate of his territory which has successfully been the direct means of securing employment for over 2000 graduate.Photo of the Zenith Health care center the Oba of Lagos established with the help of Zenith Bank, Dangote and Caverton.

The Oba did not leave iconic project to be of benefit for the graduate alone but also, the uneducated and o level holders. The traditional ruler set aside a skill acquisition programme has a means of empowering the youths.

The Oba also used his influence to make Dangote, Zenith Bank and Caverton to establish an health care centre in Isake Eko. The health care centre is run for the benefit of the Lagos Island resident with health bills coming for free.

Two years ago the Oba also set aside the motorcycle and tricycle scheme where motorcycles were given to people in order to meet ends meet.

The Oba of Lagos showed how much he cares and put his people at heart. May the throne forgives the looters who emptied the palace.


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