Meet 2 Female Teachers Who Have BIG! Curves Got People Talking On Twitter

There are so many things that can make the learners lose focus or fail to concentrate. It’s no secret that learners especially the boys found it hard to concentrate when they are being reached by a female teacher who wears clothes that shows her curves just like they are. Boys are boys and there is nothing wrong if they get entertained by the curves of a lady; because that shows that they are healthy.

Even the female learners might get distracted by the big curves of their female teacher because every girl’s dream is to be curvaceous. Note that we are not saying that women with big curves must not be employed but all workers should look representable and professional at work.

People rushed into to comment section to voice their views on this matter “Now I understand why kids fail at school… I wouldn’t be shocked if the matric results would drop” stated a Twitter user who thinks these teachers’ dress code is inappropriate.

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