Meet 2 Nollywood Actresses Who Look Like Identical Twins But Not Related In Anyway

Chizoba Nwokoye is a famous Nollywood actress who is popularly referred to as Sharon Chizzy, she has starred in many blockbuster Nigeria movies such as Egg of Love, Without trust, Identical Twins.

It is arguably no doubt that Chizzy is a very talented and beautiful actress who has in many interviews said she looks up to ChaCha Eke. Recently, there have been much talk about her deep resemblance with another Nollywood actress who goes by the name Stephanie Ekwu.

Chizzy who played the role of a twin sister to Stephanie Ekwu in the movie which was titled “Identical Twins” has given many the impression to think this two beautiful actress are twins in real life.

However, it still strike most people as a shock that Stephanie is just a colleague to Chizzy. Chizzy have in many interviews, corrected the notion and told the world that she is not related to Stephanie. Below are some adorable and lovely pictures of these two beautiful ladies.

Now, checkout pictures of Chizzy and Stephanie.

What can you say about this two? For me I think they should better go for a DNA test because the resemblance is just too much.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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