Meet 4 Young Nollywood Actresses Who Are Dominating The Industry (Photos)

Nollywood is blessed with so many talented stars. There are lots of amazing actors and actresses who stun the movie industry with their personalities, but recently it seems the young ones are gradually taking over.

We have seen many Nollywood child celebrities who have grown to become successful adults like Regina Daniels, Uche Uchemba, Somadina Adinma and many others, but the child actresses on this list are already dominating the industry like adults.

1. Susan Pwajok

At a young age of 18, Susan Pwajok is among the few child actresses who are dominating Nollywood like adults. She is also a model popularly known for her role in the award winning Africa Magic Television Series, The Johnsons.

The Johnsons:

Mere looking at her pictures, one might think that she is in her early 20s because of her matured body and amazing beauty.

2. Sharon Ifedi

Just like Susan Pwajok, Sharon Ifedi is also one of the hottest child actresses in Nollywood and she has been dominating the industry with her beauty and talent.

The 16 years old actress has acted alongside many top Nollywood Stars. Some of her movies includes Tears of a Slave Child, Price of Wickedness, Agony of a Lost Child and many more.

3. Adaeze Onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo was the winner of the 2018 Face of Anambra Beautiful Kids contest. She is a 15 years old actress who has started dominating the movie industry already.

Some of her movies includes My Prayer Point, Hunter Princess, Family Reunion, Tears of Ojiugo, Wipe your Sorrows, Royal Convenant and many more. She is also a dancer and a model.

4. Angel Onyi Unigwe

Don’t let her talent fool you, Angel Onyi Unigwe is just an 11 years old child actress who is dominating the movie industry like an adult.

Angel Onyi Unigwe has featured in more than 50 Nollywood movies some of which includes Three Thieves, A Mother’s Love, Tender Lies and many more.

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