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Meet 50-Year-Old Indian Man Who Stopped Growing At Age 5 (Photos)

From behind, Basori Lal could be mistaken for a child, standing at just 29 inches tall.

But in fact he is 50 years old, and has become a celebrity in his village, located in Madhya Pradesh province, India, because of his short stature.

Basori says he was not always celebrated for his short stature and had to overcome bullying in his younger years but has now been dubbed a ‘hero’ by his proud family.

Basori lives in Madhya Pradesh province, in central India, where he shares a house with brother Gopi Lal and and Gopi’s wife Satia Bai.

Relatives say there was nothing to separate Basori from his peers as a child, but at age five they noticed he was not growing like the other children.

Despite noticing there was a problem, relatives say they could not afford to take Basori to a doctor and to this day have no idea why he is so small.

Basori said he was bullied for his height while he was younger, being called ‘an alien’ by others, but says his stature is now a source of pride.

The 50-year-old works in a factory with his relatives, and says he enjoys a glass of whiskey every night before bed.

While Basori’s fame has brought him admirers, who come from miles around to visit him, he has never married and says he doesn’t want to.

Despite his small stature, Basori says it has not stopped him living a normal live and he works, eats and sleeps just like anybody else.



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