Meet 70 Year Old Woman Will Leave You Speechless!! (Photos)

Chef Babette the 70 year old woman is a prove that ‘black don’t crack’. I mean this woman is so fit, strong and healthy, it will give you a hard time believing she’s truly 70 years old. While most people of her age are curled up in beds in the hospital or nursing homes, treating one form of arthritis or another, Babette is living her best life exercising in the gym, going for a run, hiking in the mountains and doing what she knows best- cooking.

The California born chef says she’s vegan, she doesn’t eat meat and that she gets enough protein from the plants and vegetables she’s been eating. She has a gym routine, and is a fitness coach and lover. She shares daily motivational videos on her Instagram to encourage her followers to adopt her lifestyle. She was even featured by Steve Harvey in one of his shows. She’s truly a super woman.

See her Photos below:

Is God not wonderful? All we need do is take care of our bodies and watch ourselves age backwards. What do you think of her? Please comment below. Also, like and share


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