Meet Baba Suwe’s Son Who Is Ready To Sustain His Legacy


The sad news of Baba Suwe’ s death is a tough pill to swallow because it is truly heartbreaking. Babatunde Omidina, popularly known as Baba Suwe, was a legend who dominated the movie industry in the 1990s.

Baba Suwe’ s worrying health crisis became public in 2019, and he was flown to the United States of America to be treated for diabetes and other ailments. Although the surgery was successful, the actor was unable to reprise his role as Baba Suwe before his untimely death. Even though Baba Suwe is no longer alive, his legacy will live on because his first son took over the baton from his legendary father even before his death.

Adesola Omidina is the first son of Baba Suwe, a late popular Nigerian actor and comedian. Adesola Omidina, like his father, is an actor, producer, and director. Adesola Omidina is more of a filmmaker and has never really settled as an actor. Adesola is a fantastic filmmaker who has produced several blockbuster films.

Adesola Omidina, a devoted son, attempted to reintroduce his father to the industry by including him in some of his projects. In his film ” Alasela, ” Adesola featured his father, Baba Suwe. This is one of the last two films in which Baba Suwe appeared before his untimely death.

Adesola Omidina is also a fantastic director who has worked on several Nigerian Yoruba films. As a result, it’ s safe to say that the popular actor’ s name will never fade from the industry as his son continues his legacy in Nollywood. Baba Suwe can rest assured that his son, Adesola, will succeed and elevate the family’ s name above him.

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