Meet Catholic Saint Who Was Beheaded But Continued Preaching The Gospel For Some Miles

Saint Denis was beheaded by Roman Emperor Decius for preaching the gospel of repentance. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

St Denise was the Bishop of Paris during the 3rd century, he was sent from Italy to Gaul’s in Paris, under Pope Fabian, making him one of the major evangelist of Gauls, very little is known about him.

Saint Denis and his fellow evangelists were known for their powerful sermon in converting pagans, making the Roman leaders angry because they were loosing their followers.

However, the Roman emperor directed that St Denise should be arrested, he was thrown into prison and unfortunately beheaded on the highest hill in the city of paris known today as the Montmartre or “Mountain of Martyrs.” in English.

According to history, St Denis held his head and walked several miles, preaching the gospel of repentance, he finished preaching and died at a spot which is currently known as the Basilica of St Denis.

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