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Meet Dera The Lady Who Went Viral, After She Revealed that Abuja Protestors Were Disrupted By Thugs

As we all know that there is an on going protest in Nigeria, where by Nigerians are calling for the end of SARS, a body famous amongst the people for practicing police brutality.

The protest is a really strong one that many Nigerian celebrities like tacha, Don jazzy , Wizkid and international artists like Kanye west, Drake are also protesting.

In all nook and cranny you go today, you would see different sorts of people, young and old, male and female leaving their busy schedule to protest.

On Sunday, the inspector general of police (IGP), revealed that the body (SARS) would be dissolved,but people were still not satisfied, as they have continued protesting.

To make matters worse , it was announced that a new body regarded as “SWAT” would also take over the duty of SARS, this really didn’t go well with many, people as they continued protesting harder.

Well today, as usual people came out to protest, but something terrible happened.

A young lady who was identified as “Dera” , a very strong #EndSARS Protestor, revelead in a video which she shared on Twitter, that protestors in abuja were seriously disrupted by armed thugs.

In the video,the young lady seemed to be scared and worried at the same time.

Immediately this young girl identified as ” Dera” made this video , many people started talking

And currently, she is now trending on Twitter.

The young lady,who made the video got over 2k followers within one hour she posted the video.

She has also gotten recognition from a top Nigerian musician and the “God win” singer Korede Bello, who seems to be worried about the her welfare.

See what he said.

See how some people were busy reacting to what the girl said

See some already apprehended thugs that disrupted the protest.

What do you have to say about what this young lady just revealed?

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