Meet The Female Nigerian Celebrity That Cut Off Her Bre@st To Look Masculine.

In our world today, people are beginning to understand more about their gender. Unlike in the past generations where if you are born are man, you are a man, if you are born a woman, you are a woman. Today, there have been more understanding by people to their gender. Some people although appear to be male would tell you they possess more of the female attributes and same goes for the other sex.

There have been so much advancement in science that through surgery transition from one sex to another can be achieved. This transition has basically been carried out successful. Hence, the prevalence matter of transgender in our society.

Often times, people misunderstand what it means to be a transgender and a cross dresser. A cross dresser is someone is possess the characteristic of a woman and thus behaves like a woman, talks, walk, dresses and and acts like a woman, the like of Bobrisky and James Brown who calls himself, “African Princess”. While on the other hand transgender is one who has undergone surgery to become either a male or a female.


Without any further ado, meet Nigerian celebrity author who is based in the US. Akwaeke Emezi Ehis is a Nigerian born female writer whose novel has been shortlisted as one of the 20 of best book in the New York sales.

The Nigerian born author, said she has grown to understand that she’s a male and not an ogbanje trapped in a female body. This is the reason why the female author is doing everything she possibly can to look just like a man she has claimed to be.

In her recent act to achieve her goal of being a man, the brilliant author paid a surgeon in order to undergo surgery to cut off her bre@st, and the surgery was a success as she has successful cut it off. After she revealed picture of the successful surgery, it came as a surprise to many people.

Every one certainly has a choice about what they want and choose to look like, brilliant author, Akwaeke Emezi Ehis has certainly made hers.

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