Meet The Founder Of The Big Brother Show.

The big brother show has been in existence for a very long time, it did not just start today. In the show the contestants are referred to as “housemates,” these housemates all stay together in a particular house isolated from the neighbouring houses for a particular period of time. The housemates are been monitored by live television cameras, the housemates do wear personal audio microphones around their body so as to enable them to be heard by the spectators. The housemates are voted out on a weekly basis when placed on eviction until someone emerges the winner of the show. The housemates do carry out some tasks in the house, this makes the game very interesting and fun to watch. The founder of the big brother show is John de Mol Jr. He is a Dutch media tycoon television producer. The big brother show was broadcast first in the Netherlands in 1999.

John de Mol Jr is a Billionaire, his networth is 1.9 billion Us dollars, John de Mol Jr is also one of the biggest names in reality Tv.

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