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Meet The Fulani Warlord, Iskilu Wakili Who Is Ready To Kill Sunday Igboho

Despite the increased fear of Sunday Igboho amongst the Fulani communities in Oyo State, where the warlord originally resides, one person is unfazed. That person is Iskilu Wakili who is based in Ayete, which is very close to Igangan, where Sunday Igboho and his men recently dislodged the Fulani dwellers. He is a Fulani herdsman with an army of fighters. He forcefully settled in Oyo State 18 years ago and has become a big problem ever since.

According to media reports, Iskilu Wakili whose face is yet to be unveiled is cruel and he commits murder at will. Nobody born of a woman dares to cross his path. Since Igboho evicted the Seriki Fulani, Abdulkadri Saliu, from Igangan, Wakili has prepared for war with a clear battleline drawn.

He mounted no cross-zone on farms thereby denying the farmers access to it. He shoots at any farmer who dares to access his own farm. He is the leader of the herdsmen in Ibaraland, so his influence is massive. He is rumoured to have seized several hectares of land in the town, raped women and also kidnapped for fat ransoms not less than N5 million. Presently, he is in control of four villages namely Kajola, Gbagban Idere, Konkon, and Magbeje. These places have been named after him.

Just like Igboho, he relies on spiritual powers, dangerous weapons with political backing. Wakili also has a son named Abu, who is a dreaded fighter. Of recent, Wakili has ordered for military reinforcements as he awaits any challenge from the Yorubas in the area. When emissaries were sent to serve Wakili a quit notice, he opened fire on them, and many were left injured.

Meanwhile, Igboho has heard about Wakili and he is not scared of him. He is prepared to meet him and his men at the battlefield, but he needs the approval of the governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, who is at loggerheads with Igboho.

Igboho and his men are presently in Ogun State where they reportedly attacked a Fulani settlement. In a matter of weeks, Igboho, the warlord who has an unbeaten record on the battlefield is expected to face Wakili in a no-mercy encounter.

This reminds us of the epic South Korea movie – Jumong, in which the main character conquered territories.

Do you think Igboho can defeat Wakili if the clash ever happens? How do you think the current clashes between the farmers and herders in the South-western part of Nigeria should be solved?


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