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Meet The Lady Who Refused To Marry Aliko Dangote (Photos)

In Nigeria, we cannot talk about Entrepreneurs without the mention of Aliko Dangote.

Aliko Dangote who is the CEO of the Dangote Group is said to have married three wives.

Although he ended up divorcing the three of them, the marriage brought forth 15 children.

Photos of Aliko Dangote can be seen below.

Aliko Dangote got married to his first wife in the year 1977. The lady was indeed beautiful and charming. The marriage ended in divorce as it didn’t last for a long time.

Aliko Dangote decided to take in another wife after the divorce of his first wife. He had to seek for the hand of one of daughters of the Former president of Nigeria, Umaru Musa Yar Adua.

Late Umaru Musa Yar Adua had three daughters named Nafisat Yar Adua, Maryam Yar Adua and Zainab Yar Adua.

Aliko Dangote requested for the hand of Nafisat Yar Adua in marriage in 2009. Nafisat Yar Adua refused to marry Aliko Dangote reasons being she was a friend to his daughter, Halima Dangote.

The photos of Nafisat Yar Adua can be seen below.

After Nafisat’s refusal to marry Aliko Dangote, she got married to a former governor of Bauchi State named Isa Yugudu. Isa Yugudu had three wives before marrying Nafisat Yar Adua, making her his fourth wife.Photos of former governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yugudu can be seen below.

Maryam Yar Adua and Zainab Yar Adua who happen to be the sisters of Nafisat Yar Adua also got married to ex-governors of states.Photos of Isa Yugudu and his wife Nafisat Yar Adua Yugudu can be seen below.

The union of Isa Yugudu and Nafisat is blessed with four lovely children, three sons and a daughter.

A photo of Nafisat Yugudu and her four children can be seen below.


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