Meet ‘Lalude’ Christian With A Muslim Name, Traditionalists In Movie, Checkout His Religion

A dramatist should be able to relate to the situation that surrounds the movie character as scripted such is the case of popularly known actor ” lalude ” .

” Lalude ” is a a warrior and has a lot of traditional power in Yoruba movie . His costumes are top – notch , such that , he looks scary with his mouth and eyes painted with black .

His original name is Fatai Adekunle Adetayo . He was born in November 1962 . He started acting at age 8 when , he was a primary school pupil . He was motivated by the theatre group , who always reharse close to his father’s house compound when he was a teenager .

After school he would go and watch the theatre group performance , from there he developed interest in acting as a career . ” Lalude ” is really a talented movie personality . He often performed the role of a traditionalists on movie sets or warrior with powerful charms .

In case you did not know that ” Lalude ” has a Muslim name ” Fatai ” and one may wonder , if he is a Muslim or a traditionalists in real life as portrayed in most of his movie . “Lalude ” is a Christian which has nullify claims of being Muslim or a traditionalists .

The movie that brought ” Lalude ” into limelight in the 80’s are ” Obgori Elemoso” , My mother is a witch and so on .

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