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Meet Nigerian Actress, Nkiruka is 35 Years Old Today, See Photos Of Her That Shows How Beautiful She Is

The Nigerian movie industry has remained one of the most entertaining industries in Africa. It has kept on producing different types of stars since it started its operation in Nigeria, It has produced so many actresses and actors. Nkiruka ‘Kiki’ Omeili happen to be among the talented and hardworking actress in Nigerian Who is making the Nollywood movie industry to be in this range, this beautiful actress serves as a role model to a lot of people, and she stands out as one of the decent stars today.

Nkiruka Kiki Omeili is a fast-rising Nollywood actress, producer, television personality, entrepreneur, television presenter, medical doctor, and philanthropist. She was born and bred in Lagos State in the southwestern part of Nigeria. She is best known for her role in the popular television series “Lekki Wives” where she played the role of Lovette.


Asides from her acting roles, in 2011 Kiki Omeili hosted the Dance Reality Television Show “Dance 234” a Koga entertainment production. Kiki Omeili also hosts the health segment on Smooth FM’s Saturday morning radio show called “Balancing Life” and writes numerous articles in online blogs.

Nkiruka ‘Kiki’ Omeili is a very attractive young actress. She knows how to attract her fan’s attention and keep them glued to her Instagram handle. She loves keeping fit to have a beautiful body that she can flaunt online. With an amazing personality, her fan base known as the explorers has been amazingly supportive.

Nkiruka ‘Kiki’ Omeili who was born on the 31st of May is currently celebrating her birthday and we will use this opportunity to share lovely pictures of her. Below are some pictures of Nkiruka ‘Kiki’ Omeili that will convince you that she is still beautiful at 35.


See photos below

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