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Meet The Shoprite Worker Who Allegedly Commits Suicide That Got People Talking

Nowadays, business organizations are coming out with new rules. A business organization in Akure called “Shoprite” laid down a rule that any worker who comes late has to wait outside before being allowed in and suspended.

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This is one of their worker who is also known as Kehinde. She came late to work that particular day. She was seen arranging her table, getting ready for the day’s sale and looking happy. But she later left the mall around 11am after receiving her suspension letter.

According to what sahara reporters posted on Facebook which the heading goes as thus:

“Shoprite Worker Allegedly Commits Suicide In Akure By Drinking Sniper.”

See also, the reactions as many people took to the comment box to drop their opinions about it;

From the opinions of the people, many sympathized with her while some prayed for her.
Now to you, Does it worth it to terminate ones life, Because one is suspended? Please drop your opinion and let’s discuss


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