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Meet The ‘Men Of God’ Who Wanted To Be Like Jesus; Fasted 40 Days/40 Night With Some Dead In The Process

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The Bible says “for lack of knowledge my people perish” and this statement is actually true as some religious fanatics made it a challenge to follow in the steps of their Lord and Personal Saviour, Jesus Christ who fasted forty days and forty nights.

The Bible forewarns believers in the book of Hosea 4 vs 6, also in Isaiah 5 vs13, the Bible said my people are in captivity because they lack knowledge.


This 46 year-old pastor, Evangelist Chidi Eke psuccumbed to pains while fasting for 40 days and nights in Eziala Nguru in Ngor Okpala council area of Imo State in Nigeria.

Information collected indicate that the believer, who had left his wife and two kids in Lagos and returned to the village, undertook evangelism activities, all in quest to be spiritually fortified and departed into the forest to seek God’s face and power. The preacher man was found dead by one of his members who had gone to check on him in the bush where he had reached. He is the only son of his mother.

20210925170836 1211354207 990098991351934359 637 431 85 webpAnother religious charlatans were Mr. and Mrs. Omosebi who reside in the United States of America and decided to embark on 40 days and 40 nights fasting, with his wife but added their little girl who perished in the process. They were arraigned before court and sentenced.

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Another believer from Ebonyi a teenager, Ikechukwu Oke, fasted and praying for 41 days on a mountain in Abakaliki. Mrs Elizabeth Oke, the mother spoke on factors that could have compelled him to deny himself food and water for so long.

The mom inquired from his son why he had to do that kind of fasting and prayer without notifying her and he said that he decided to fast because of the condition of our family. He was supposed to be drinking water or consuming fruits during such fasting.


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