Meet The Woman With The Biggest “Backside And Hips” In The World

There have been accounts of people breaking world records, and i think Mrs. Mikel Ruffineli is definitely among those people.

According to Wiki, Mikel Ruffineli is an American, who holds the world record of the widest hip and also a mother of four who weighs 29 stone with a height of 5ft 4inches.

She is absolutely in love with her figure, stating that she is very much proud of her weight and sees no need for dieting or losing weight. It would interest you to know that she consumes an average of 5000 calories per day.

After measurements, it was discovered that her hips measured a circumference of 8ft, which is obviously deeper than someone’s grave.

Mrs Mikel Ruffeneli once said that “men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure”. She also said that “I’m extreme, i have an extreme physique, I love my curves, i love my hips, and i love my assets”.

According to reports, her daughter is concerned about her mother’s health. However, her husband, Reggie is definitely in Love with her shape.

Although, her shape is something to take a second look at, but medically speaking, her weight is capable of producing enough complications that could leave her bed ridden.

I’m sure we all have one or two things to say about her backside, feel free to drop your comments in the comment’s section.

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