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Meet The Youngest King In Igbo Land, He Was Crowned Igwe Olanma 2 Of Iyiora Anam Today (Photos)

A new king has emerged in the kingdom of Iyiora, Anambra State Nigeria, this new king is a ten year old boy who took the place of his father, Igwe Akuebisi the Plane one of Iyiora Anam who was the king of the kingdom.

According to a Facebook group known as Igbo Bu Igbo TV , the ten year old boy is considered the youngest king in Igbo land, he was crowned the Igwe Olanma 2 Of Iyiora Anam.


As the news surfaced online many people congratulated the new king and hailed him, many asked God for wisdom upon his head to rule his people well.


Meanwhile I know many people might be wondering why a small boy like this will be crowned a king over a kingdom, first of all that is what the tradition of the people demands because his father also was crowned a king when was young.

  And he will be guided by his elders and council members besides in this modern world, wisdom has nothing to do with age, age is just a number.

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