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Men Beware! Signs You’re Dating A Wife Material, Not A Slay Queen

The criteria for choosing a wife or a girlfriend with ‘wifey’ qualities goes beyond just looks.

If you are a guy and you want to date or are planning to get hitched to a ‘wife material’, pay attention to these qualities and behaviours; lest you get yourself mistaking a slay queen for wife material.

  1. She’s foresighted when it comes to money

How your girl handles money will definitely tell you if she is a keeper or just a time passer.

When it comes to money matters, a wife material will strive to invest, try to find ways of making more of it, and will always remember to save in case of rainy days.

A slayqueen, on the other hand, thinks of shopping sprees, manicures, pedicures and spa dates once she gets hold of money. Saving is a total myth to her.

  1. Has goals and ambitions

Unlike a slay queen who only thinks of clubbing and which nail polish colour she’s going to apply next, a wife material perfectly knows what she wants to do with her life.

Nothing will stop her from reaching her goals, not even a rich boyfriend or husband.

A woman who has life goals and a career is definitely not dependent and is self-confident, which are appealing qualities for marriage.

  1. She can cook well

Slay queens don’t cook, their nails will chip. They always want to be taken to fancy restaurants for meals.

A wife material, on the other hand, knows the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and for that reason, she has mastered the art of cooking.

Therefore, if she cooks for you good food without complaining, wife her before someone else finds that gem.

  1. Has respect for your family and friends

She respects not only you but also your friends and family.

She also doesn’t nag when you spend time with your ‘boyz’ and fits right in conversations with your loved ones.

If she doesn’t connect with your family and friends, and she doesn’t even try, there’s definitely something wrong.

  1. She’s your biggest fan and cheerleader

If she supports your dreams, goals, and helps you to become the better version of yourself, marry her.

It’s an indication that she is aware your dreams are equally important as hers, and will always have your back.



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