What Men Can Do, Women Can Do Better: Photos Of Nigerian Lady Doing Acrobatics Got Everyone Talking.

In this part of the world, it is believed that some things are not meant to be done by women and any form of female species. Amongst other things that are restricted by gender is Acrobatics.

It is believed that Ladies shouldn’t involve in acrobatics as it is masculine and to some people, Ladies might damage some vital organs of their body by carrying out those activities (You know the organs I am talking about right? Well if you don’t know, keep scrolling to see photos and reactions, then you will understand. Lol).

Nigerian Lady has got everyone talking on Facebook as photos of her doing some acrobatic moves surfaced.

Photos below,

This has got Nigerians on Facebook talking as some where wowed while some reacted differently. Check out some comments below,

Law Sam;

“If Nigeria failed to recognise her.. UK or USA will make use of her and Nigeria will only say…..Omo nija ni,….Na Nigeria pikin…nonsense selfish people…my sister God will lead you to higher places as mercy will locate you”.

King-Humphrey Imuentinyansa Pullen IV;


Unfortunately for her, wat she practiced/learned is not done here in Nigeria.

Sorry my dear.. Doh”

Ernie Coulibaly;

“Why is my mind thinking about something else?«

Please who knows what his mind is thinking? Lol.

Abundance Prince;

“This is so rare among Nigerian girls, their body is rigid as stone and sport is not their thing”.

Jesse Ezenwa Joseph;

“This one go kill her husband for house”.

Aloy Gifts Abigail;

“See, kukuma kill yourself, even Nigeria government no go help you after you don break your neck”.

Other comments below,

What’s is your take on this? Should female children be allowed to indulge in this? Will you allow your female children to do this?

Drop your comments, like and please share.


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