For Men; Date This Type Of Women, Your Life Will Be Better

When it comes to love,there are certain things that you need to consider before dating a girl.These are the things that will help you determine whether she is your type or not.This is because when you date a lady who is not your type,you end up experiencing problems in your relationship.Today am going to share with you the type of ladies you should date.This is to help you experience a good relationship.

Go for women of your league.This is a very important thing in a relationship.Go for the woman that you can afford.Avoid chasing women of higher status than you can afford.This is to avoid later regression.It will be difficult for you to maintain her if you cannot get enough cash to buy her all the things that she wants.This will make you poor and eventually she will leave.Having a lady of your league makes it easier for you since she knows you and understands.


Date a lady who understands you and cares about you.Sometimes men look down on ladies who are loving and caring.They end up leaving them for other ladies who does not even love them.They are in for sex and money.This is not a good woman for a relationship.Date someone who is there for you when you need her.Someone who is not blaming you for every simple problem that comes your way.

Give a try to dating bad girls with care.The same way that bad boys exist is the same thing to bad girls.If you have not tried this,give it a try now.Bad girls are the best when it comes to relationships.They are not ashamed to be with you.They show love without fear or shame.This is not the case with introvert type.

Age also matter when it comes to a better relationship.Dating someone of a reasonable age with your is very essential.It is a common phenomenon that men tend to date women younger than them.This gives a better relationship experience.Sometimes men also date women of older age than them.This is not very common but it is not a bad thing if you come into a mutual understanding It is recommended that you date someone not much older that you.


Nasty people need a nasty relationship,date a more experience women.This is because she has been in a number of them and she knows how to handle it best.This kind of women will give you the experience that you desire.Also older women can give you the same experience.This kind of relationships are very nasty and enjoyable.

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