Men, You Don’t Need To Be Handsome For A Girl To Fall For You, Just Do These 3 Things

Falling in love is not the problem, but, does the person in question feel the same for you? Well, it is a general perception that we don’t choose who we fall in love with, but you can make someone fall for you.

Yes! you can make someone fall in love with you, it’s mostly common with girls. A girl can easily fall in love, which puts guys at an advantage. In this article, we will be looking at things you can do to make a girl fall for you, aside from your physical looks.

  1. Late Night Calls

This is a very unique strategy, you can make a girl fall for you just by talking to her late at night.

How does this work?


The things we do late at night before we sleep have a lot of impact on our lives. Talking to a girl at night will increase the chances of her thinking about you, and this makes it easier for her to fall.

  1. Make Silly Jokes and Teases

This is another interesting one. Girls like funny guys. Making a girl laugh can increase the chances of her falling for you. Tease her once in a while, and make her laugh, but be careful, so she doesn’t mistake you for a comedian.

  1. Don’t Be “Mr. Nice Guy”

This one may be a little complex. But girls don’t fall for “nice” guys. Don’t be the guy that is always nice, helping her out, always telling her nice things, being so friendly, and all that. She will only see you as a friend.

Be the cool guy, dress well, be unpredictable, don’t care so much, don’t keep conversations on the friendship level, don’t be scared to give her a little space sometimes. This way, she will want to keep up with you, she will eventually fall for you.

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