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“Men Don’t Post Anything On Social Media Even When They Are Getting Married” – Lady

Many ladies like to show off and flaunt their achievements to others. This is why they sometimes post a lot of pictures on social media. They want to get attention from others and posting their achievements is one way they believe that can be done.

However, some men prefer to keep a low profile and not post their achievements on social media. They do not want many people to be aware when they are on something important.


A lady identified as Queen Preshii has lamented that men don’t post anything on social media. According to her, a man could be getting married and he will only post a picture of the sunset on his story.

This caused a lot of reactions online and below are some of them:


Some men may not choose to post about their achievements for social reasons due to the need to stay secretive. They do not crave attention as much as others may do and this makes them worry less.

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