For Men: If A Lady Does These 6 Things For You, Then Marry Her Fast (Opinion)

Life is all about decision making and making the right ones could make you successful in many areas.

One key thing most people discuss in the society is relationship and that is one of the basis of our existence.

We lay emphasis more on our various relationship life and background. As this has a way of helping us in so many ways.

As a man, one tends to look for that special lady that could stir our hearts pondering over them. In most cases, men looks for the kind of lady with good characters and attributes. Well, some men combines both beauty and character cause they like good things also.

So, if you notice any of these things done by some ladies, do ensure you marry her quickly.

  1. When a lady is the type of lady that advises you occasionally.

Sometimes men tends not to listen to their girlfriend’s advise and they later regret why they didn’t listen. When you are angry or excited about something, perhaps excited about doing a particular transaction without doing proper check and your lady advises you not to engage in such. It is paramount that you listen, as she may have insights or may be drawing your attention to that particular transactions so that you could do proper research on it before regretting later on.

  1. Marry her when she is the kind of lady that knows and admits when she is wrong or when she has wronged you.

Some ladies finds it extremely difficult to apologize even though they know they were wrong. If a lady often does this as many times as she can, that is; she apologizing to you when she is wrong, then marry her. They are only a few out there with such gifted character of knowing when they are wrong.

  1. Marry her when you know that she gives you peace and happiness.

In some relationships, there is always quarrel and fighting but when the lady is a peacemaker and always finding cause to make you smile and happy even when you are angry. This is a rare gift and you have to appreciate her by marrying her as soon as possible.

  1. Marry her when you find out that she’s protective of you even in your absence.

Many people may talk bad about you in her presence but if she is able to defend you and your integrity, then do make sure you marry her. Some ladies actually neglect the fact that some people are talking bad about their man in their presence. If she is the type that is protective of her man then I see no reason why you shouldn’t get married to her.

  1. If she prays for you, marry her.

If she devotes time and energy praying for you and your success in life, then that lady deserves a standing ovation and you shouldn’t neglect her by not marrying her.

  1. If she has pure love for your family members, then marry her.

If she’s the type that is fond of your family members and loves engaging in conversations with them, then you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that she is a good wife material. You just have to put a ring on her finger and that’s all.

Hope this message was clear enough for those seeking the type of lady to get married to.


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