Men Who Live With Women Without Paying Their Bride Prize Should Take Note Of This Vital Information

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Marriage is the legal coming together of a man and woman for the purpose of bearing children while Culture is the people’s way of life.

Marriage and culture are two different things that works together, for a man to get married to a woman he must obey culture.

Recently, it has been observed that most men live with women without paying their pride price. This singular act has caused a hole lot of misunderstanding in some families.

Nevertheless, Before we go further let us see what the Bible says about men who live with women without paying their dowry.

Men take note of this

  1. Men who are living with a woman without paying her Bride prize, According to the Bible it is a sin before God.

  2. Men, payment of bride prize attracts blessings from both parents.

Furthermore, I urge all men who have not paid the bride prize of the woman they are living with to kindly make payment on or before the year ends.


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