Should All Men Marry A Second Wife? They Are Allegedly Crying After Visiting Prostitutes

Marriages are going through some rough patches that should not be swept underneath the carpet anymore. While men are guilty of denying their Wives attention, respect and love, women are daily withholding the garden of Eden as a way of punishing and having them tore the line. If this this ugly cycle is sustained for far too long, it’s a recipe for chaos.

Some men have decided to solicit the services of prostitutes and mipango ya kando as a way of bypassing the unhappy marriage environment. A prostitute has revealed the daily ordeals they go through in their line of duty. Sarah narrates how no day goes without receiving a strange married customer who cries after digging through the garden of Eden.Some She said how married men are openly crying after admitting that they are suffering in the hands of their Wives. See what she wrote below.

Going by men’s reactions on social media, it is crystal clear that what Sarah said is nothing but the truth. One GUEST_10Qm1PW1 says, “Lots of women mistreat their Husbands, that’s too bad”.

“Marry a second wife and stop all these one wife rubbish and passport to heaven”, another man offers his ten cents.

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