Men, You May Be Unable To Impregnate A Lady If You Do These 5 Things Excessively

Marriage is a very interesting and lovely journey. Many people get married for different reasons but one of the major reason why people get married is to give birth and start a family. Many homes have been broken because of the fact that children are not forth coming. In my opinion, children add more joy, excitement and companionship to a marriage.

There are different reason by which married couples may be unable to produce children. The problems may come from the husband or from the wife. In this article, I will be bringing seven habits that men do that may render them infertile. Please take note of these habits as a man because you might be unable to impregnate a lady if you do it excessively.

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1. Drinking Alcohol:

Though Alcohol may have some usefulness, too much of it may lead to infertility in males. So as a man, it is better to not to drink too much so as not to affect your fertility. In most alcoholic drinks “Drink Responsibly is even written on it”, this is to advice against the dangers of drinking too much. Alcohol can cause infertility in men by lowering testosterone, shrinking the testes or causing early ejaculation.

2. Over Heating The Testes:

Over heating the testes may be done by wearing tight trousers or placing electronics that emit heat like Laptop on your legs around the genital areas. When the testes are exposed to elevated temperature, it may impair sperm production and its function.

The right way to place the Laptop on your lap is to put something in between as shown below.

3. Smoking:

Smoking is something that many youths of nowadays engage in. Some of them are ignorant of the fact that doing it excessively may have an adverse effect on the fertility of a man. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

4. Using Hard Drugs Like Cocaine And Marijuana:

It is no news that, hard drugs like Cocaine is not good for the human health. It is also not good for the fertility of a man, so it should be avoided.

5. Taking Excess Sugar:

Eating things with high sugar contents may results to weight gain and might lead to Obesity, this might in turn have an adverse effect on the fertility of a man.

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