“Men Never Approach Me Because I Am Too Dark, But God Has Been Great”- Lady Says (Opinion)

Hello there, everybody.

First and foremost, this issue can seem cliched.

But it’s slowly eating away at my life, and I’m feeling awful about it.

I’m even thinking about killing myself.


I have dark skin, and people make jokes about it all the time.

Worse still, such individuals are in my circle of acquaintances.

I can’t do much because I’m known for being upbeat and adept at concealing my insecurities.

I’ll just laugh back at their comments about me, but I’m like an erupting volcano on the inside.

People in my country have fair skin (at least in the place I am sitting in).

To them, this is what makes it more of a joke.

I’m an athlete, so I can’t abandon my teammates. However, we recently planned a friendly game, and I decided not to play because I knew I’d get sunburned and it would get worse.

I explain my situation, but they don’t seem to understand and become enraged.

They told me to ‘calm down.’

How am I supposed to relax when I’m the one who has to look in the mirror every day?

They have no idea what’s going on because they don’t have dark skin.

As a result, I’ve been irritable, and my regular results have deteriorated.

I am not ugly, despite the fact that my dark skin can make me appear less attractive to others.

My insecurities need assistance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant, and I hope this is the correct place.

Men don’t approach me because I’m too dark, but God has been so good to me that I’ve come to enjoy my life as a single churchgoer.

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I keep hoping that things will improve for me one day.

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