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All Men Should Take Note of Ladies Who Responds to Greetings in Any of These 3 Ways

As a man, there are things you need to be sensitive about. One of them is women matter. The fact that you are married does not exempt you from being hunted by ladies. There are ladies who are not ready to wait till you come for them.

These types of ladies abound everywhere and it is your duty to identify them and decided what to do with them. There are different baits they use to hook any man of their choice. Once you swallow that hook, you are finally caught by them.

As a man, you need to take note of these three ways in which ladies who fall into this category respond to greetings.

  1. If you have a handshake with a lady and she holds your hand tightly for long, such a greeting is leading to something else. She is up to a game. You either stay and follow it to the end or you take a leave.

  2. If you are in a gathering and you see a lady that is constantly exchanging regular eye contact with you, it is an invitation from her. You have to do something about it.

  3. If a lady access your outfit and she later tells you that you look good, such a statement does not come out without meaning. Don’t get it wrong, it is normal for a lady to admire a man’s outfit but most ladies will want to respect themselves by keeping their admiration to themselves.

If she is bold enough to tell you how good you look, she is expecting something in return and such a thing cannot be anything other than a transaction of conversation that will consequently lead to an exchange of contact.

All men should watch out.


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