Men, If You Want Any Beautiful Girl To Love You, Then Stop Doing These 4 Things To Her (Opinion)

As a man, there are some things you need to stop doing if you want any beautiful girl to love you. When you are in love with someone, you will hardly think straight. Unfortunately, this love thing works perfectly for people who can control themselves. Some certain things you do can hinder you from finding a beautiful lover so, be careful.

The reason why beautiful girls you love do not take you seriously are because of the things you do when you are around them. She may put you on the friend zone if you continue to do those things. On this article, you will be able to figure out the four major things you should not do to her if you want her to love you. So men, if you want a beautiful girl to love you, then stop doing these four things to her.

  1. If you want her to love, then do not be overly available to her.

If you are overly available to the woman you like, then you are making a very big mistake. Avoid anything that will make you to be around her all the time. That is why it is not good to date your colleague or any of your neighbors.

People do not seem to cherish what they see all the time. That is why things that are rarely seen are valuable. That is also how it is in our everyday lives. If you are always available to her, you will never be taken seriously. That is life for you.

  1. Do not act too nice to her all the time.

When it comes to relationship, being a nice guy does not work anymore. In fact, beautiful girls will take you for granted if you are always nice to them. Am not saying you should not be nice to women, do not be too nice to them all the time no matter how beautiful she is.

One of the reasons why bad boy date so many beautiful girls is because, they do not go about acting nice to the women they have interest on. Bad guys are strict, and they go straight to the point. So, if you want to make yourself irresistible to them, stop acting overly nice to them. Learn from the bad guys.

  1. Stop asking the beautiful girl out.

I know you will be surprised on this one, but that is the real truth. Real men do not ask a girl out, real men play along. In other words, you should not in any way ask a woman you like to be your girlfriend. Do not even tell her that you love her. If you do this, she may not take you seriously anymore, even though she loved you initially.

Women are wired that way. It is simply called the defense mechanism. Once you begin to ask her out, she will activate her defense mechanism, and begin to act up. So, if you want any woman to love you, then stop asking her out, and start playing along like you are her boyfriend.

  1. Stop being too clingy.

If you want her to love you the same way you love her, then being too clingy is the last thing you should be doing. Some men do not know that being clingy to a girl because they are beautiful is a big turn off to her. She will put you on her friend zone list before you will realize it. Beautiful girls have so many men on their friend zone list so, if you want her to choose you, you will need to stop being clingy.

Stop being too attached to her, it is very bad. Being clingy exposes how depended on you are emotionally, and it’s a turn off. If you have her number, do not call her all the time. Learn to control your emotions in the other not to be too clingy.

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