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Message To All Parents: Never Let Your Child Do These 3 Things With Anyone

Today I will be discussing the 3 things your son or daughter must not do with anyone and this article is for mostly all parents reading this.

Before I moved on, what causes a child to be immature: “Learning differences: Is your child having trouble with reading, writing, or math? Sometimes kids act immature because of academic struggles. Sensory issues: Some kids react strongly to sensory information. They may also develop a fear of being overwhelmed by things like bright lights” According to my source.

During this time for lockdown, children had to stay home not due to the fact there is Coronavirus or EndSARS Protest but because many ‘child-hunters’ are also on hold within our communities, neighborhoods and the very residence we stay in.

Also, Christmas is coming soon as children need to be protected at all costs because of kidnappers.

Few months ago a popular Nigeria actor called Yul Edochie was wishing his daughter a happy 15th birthday and I was analyzing some comments below the post. Of course, for many that saw them, It was disheartening to see a 15-year-old as pleasure took already, even some social commentators had been calling for their arrest.

Despite that, if we should analyze it, these people stay in the same houses, the question is how safe is a little child of 4 years old or a 14 years old girl in that house?

And the children we have nowadays are not easily corrected especially those at the age of 15 and above. They will want to do things their way, ignore their parent’s advice. A length where urges and demons in guys are talking louder than their common experience and your child may be a victim already if only you can ask.

Here are the 3 things your child either boy or girl especially the girl must not do with anyone:

1) Don’t permit your child especially a girl to sit on the lap of anyone. It can be perceived as a pleasure tool.

Not many men or ladies out there have self-control and you can’t just allow them via simply looking at their faces.

2) This is a situation whereby your child went to someone’s else residence to watch movies and this type of situation needs to stop because it’s not safe like before.

The sexual warmness is out there and due to the fact you can’t be too friendly to your friend, neighbor especially in a time like this, hold your child(ren) indoor.

3.) Even as your daughter or son should be very stressed and troublemaking this period, don’t let him/her go to someone’s else house as your sign of relief or duration to stay away from their troubles.

Instead, lock them in and keep them safe because that is the moment most matters you can’t think about or see happens.

Please share this post for the love of all innocent children around the world.


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