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“We Met Buhari Over Attacks On Herdsmen In Ebonyi, He Told Us Not To Fight Back”: Fulani Man Alleges

Following the onslaught and destruction of properties of the Fulani Community in Ebonyi State by the men of the Eastern Security Network, a Fulani man has revealed that President Buhari ordered them to fight back.

In an interview granted to Igberre TV, the Fulani man said that the Miyetti Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria had met with the President over the weekend, who instructed them against carrying reprisal attacks on Ebonyi people.

The Fulani man who was exasperated over the way they are being attacked in the South Eastern State warned Ebonyi people not to push them to the wall again as they would not hesitate to fight back adding that any day Fulani decides to leave Ebonyi, nobody in the State would sleep for good.

He remarked that Fulani attacks are deadly as they kill in scores without remorse. He said that even the army and the government cannot stop them if they begin their own show. All that is needed is just a phone call from above for them to begin their own marauding.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the Fulani community in Ebonyi is peaceful and has been compliant to the law adding that they are tired and fed up on how they are being branded as criminals and attacked at will.

He implored the reporter whom he described as the eye of the masses to tell Ebonyi people to let them be because the attacks are otiose and unwarranted. He warned against future blames against the Fulani community when their attacks begin as they would not drag their feet to fight back if the attack continues.


For the umpteenth time, ESN should allow the Fulani community in Ebonyi and South East in general relax. They should not forget that there are millions of Igbos in the North and if those folks try to revenge, it will be bloody.

Fulani Herdsmen are Nigerians and are constitutionally permitted to reside anywhere in the country. I understand that they reside in the forests illegally, this is where the government should come in and dialogue with them. If it involves renting out the land, then, it should be done. But asking them to leave the region just because of some criminal elements among them, then it’s totally condemnable and hypocritical.

The Igbos are not only in the North but in other States of the country prospering. How do some elements wake up to sack an ethnic group of out of sheer hatred when your people prosper in their lands? It doesn’t make sense.


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