We Met On Facebook, I Told Him I Was A Divorcee With A Daughter, But He Said He Would Marry Me – Lady

The closure of a door is not a direct meaning that others won’t open and the fact that things seem not to work out now doesn’t mean things will never work out. A lot of people have had awful experiences in marriage and most times either partner has had the thought of calling it quit; for some they have endured and abusive marriage for years and could no longer bear it, while for others, they just feel they can no longer be together anymore.

A lady on Facebook has taken the challenge to reveal how she met her husband despite being a divorcée with a daughter. According to the lady whose name is Sophia Eleoba, her current husband said they were not friends on Facebook, and while he was searching for someone on Facebook, he saw her profile and decided to shoot his shots. This lady told the man that he was once married and she even has a kid for her Ex-Husband, but he never gave up as he insisted that he will still marry her regardless of what happened before they got to know each other.

She revealed that the got married in March 2013 and they are blessed with two beautiful kids. It has been eight solid years for these beautiful couple and the truth is that their love will grow from Grace to Grace. It is kind of rare to see men that will marry a lady who is a divorcée with a child, but this man proved a lot of people wrong as he showed that love knows no bound.

She prayed for everyone who is looking for a soulmate that they will see it this year because she is a living testimony of a lady who found love again. Indeed this is a beautiful love story and my earnest prayer for them is that their love will continue to blaze now and forever more in Jesus Name.



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