You Might Not Be Rich But If You Have These Qualities, Every Lady Will Want You

It’s a season of love and I will be sharing with you four qualities that ladies like to see in a man before they go for him.

  1. Smelling Nice: Ladies like it when their man smells nice. Yes, you might not have the money to get yourself one of the best clothe as the man but try and get a good Cologne and spray it on your body before going out to meet your girlfriend.

Ladies don’t like men that smells. You might not have the best clothe but please do not smell.

  1. Respectful: Ladies like it when a man they are dating is respectful. Their mind will be at peace when they see you respecting other people like your parents, your neighbors and people around you. They will feel safe to be with you.

  2. Visionary: Ladies like men that are visionary and know what they are doing. You might not have money now, but what are your potentials and what are you doing to make that potentials come to reality?

  3. Godly: As much as you might want to disagree, every lady likes a man that is godly and fears God. Because they know that if you are godly, if they later marry you, you won’t do things that will hurt them and you won’t cheat on them as a godly man will respect his marital vows.

So, you might not have money, but these four qualities will make every lady want you.


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