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Minutes After A Hijack, This Is What Happened To The Armed Robbers

Screenshot 2021 09 13 at 04 12 26 Minutes after a hijack this is what happened to the armed robbers

On Monday the 13th of September 2021, the nation woke up to some news which left smiles on the faces of many. This was after a media statement was published by the members of the South African Police Services reporting the arrest of two gang members who had carried out a hijack.

A vigilant team of police officers from the SAPS Kwazakele Vispol Task Team made a follow up after the suspects had descended on an e-hailing driver yesterday. The time in which the members carried out the arrest of the suspects is what amused many as they worked hand in glove with a tracking company which made things flow easily.

A victim had been hijacked while he was in Commercial Road in Sidwell in the afternoon. According to reports, at about 16:25 yesterday, two males were picked up by a 23 year old e-hailing driver from Commercial Road and these two males wanted to go and make a cash withdrawal at a nearby shopping centre.

While the driver was behind the wheel, a firearm was produced by the two suspects and they pointed it to his head as they gave him an instruction to stop the vehicle. One of the suspects got behind the wheel and dropped off the driver in Motherwell at a truck in after the two suspects had taken his cellphones and cash.

The victim notified a tracker services after he had been dropped off by the armed suspects. Within a few minutes of making the report, at approximately 16:40, the blue VW Polo was detected to be in Algoa Park by the tracking device.

Members from the SAPS Kwazakele made a follow up on the information which had been gathered and managed to spot the vehicle which had been hijacked in Algoa Park along Chase Drive. When the suspects spotted the officers approaching, they began to flee.

The members pursued after them and the chase came to an end at the corners of Chase Drive and Uitenhage. The members arrested two male suspects who are aged 18 and 20. They are currently in police custody facing charges of vehicle hijacking. The firearm which they used to carry out the robbery has not yet been found.

A swift response by the members to the information which had been provided was seen as the key to solving the hijack incident. The suspects lasted only 15 minutes with the hijacked vehicle. A tracking device is a must have for vehicle owners in South Africa.

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