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Minutes After Twitter Was Shutdown, See What Twitter CEO Did To This Lady’s Account

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For a minute, there was a scare for all Nigerians who were using the Bird app popularly known as Twitter as it reportedly went on Shutdown and this brought up some questions what could have caused it especially a days after the app owner itself Jack Endorses the EndSWAT movement in Nigeria.

During the time this happened, there was a Tweet which was captioned by there official support hand which reads

“Twitter has been down for many of you and we’re working to get it back up and running for everyone.

We had some trouble with our internal systems and don’t have any evidence of a security breach or hack”.

But shortly after, the app went back online and people were quick to notice what had happened to one of the ladies who stated the EndSARS movement. She was given the verification badge as her official Twitter handle has been verified.

Minutes after Twitter went down and she given been verified, this was how people reacted to the big news.

In case you wondering who is Rinu, she’s on of those ladies who started the End SARS movement and eventually turned out to be something big.

Here are some of her pictures

This is coming after Twitter also verified Aisha Yesufu. Also, due to popular request Jack has an emoji for the movement

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