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‘ You Miss Road For This One’ Fans Disagree With Senator Shehu Sani

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A popular Nigeria Senator, Shehu Sani got his followers disappointed this morning as they all disagree with what he said.

Senator Shehu Sani is a Nigerian Senator, an author, playwright and human rights activist. He is the president of the civil rights congress of Nigeria and the chairman of Hand_in_hand, Africa. He was a leading figure in the restoration of democracy in Nigeria.


He is best known for his outstanding and outspoken mind, he does not support evil but today, his fans surprised him.

He wrote on his Twitter account ” Even without voting rights, Nigerians should back Joe Biden”.

We all know and s well the world is monitoring and watching the upcoming General Election in the United States which is coming up on 2nd November 2020. The Presidential election is a two-man horse race as it will be a fight between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is the presidential and party flag bearer of the Democrats party with a black woman as his vice president in the person of Kamala Haris. He is hoping to defeat Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is currently the incumbent President of the United States since 2016 together with his vice, Mike Pence. They defeated the Democrats presidential candidate in the person of Hillary Clinton and is hoping to win his second term in office by defeating Joe and Harris.

It is understood that why many Nigerians were questioning his tweets is because they love Donald Trump and are ready to do anything possible to put him back to the office.

Someone pointed out that his reasons for saying this is due to the rejection of the Donald Trump Administration of Nigerian Okonji Iweala as the new world trade director. Okonjo has emerged as the winner and first black man to head the position in the world and the American government rejected the result.

See how Nigerians reacted to it

What do you have to say about this? Is it possible for Nigerians to vote out Donald Trump even when we are not Americans, in America, or either do we have Voters ID cards?

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