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Mistakes Nigerians Must Avoid In 2023


As we approach yet another monumental and hopefully crucial choice, I must take this warning seriously. This exhortation is especially addressed to most of our youth who love to grumble and complain, like the biblical Jeremiah, about bad conduct in our land. What’ s the use of exchanging verbal punches on social media if you don’ t take concrete steps to correct the abnormalities in our body system? It is disturbing and depressing to know that those who complain the most are those who sit on the fence and look away on election day.

One can understand the disillusionment and frustration of the elderly, but how can the listless and dangerous attitude of supposedly innocent and exuberant, dynamic young people, especially our celebrities, be explained? It makes you cry for our dear country Nigeria.

Let me be brutally frank. The old loads, as you like to call them, and the incompetent politicians whom you so despise are already warming up for another round of electoral cycles that will never bring any tangible development or significant progress for our country. And you can’ t blame them.


The two leading parties are already overloaded with professional politicians. And their trading business is to act as seat warmer for a term or two before handing the baton of mediocrity and hopelessness on to the next group of incompetent politicians. If our youth, who are in the majority, do nothing concrete and significant about it, the outcome I predict is almost certain.

If anything has to change in our country, the way we choose and choose our leaders must be the first change we embark on. The few good aspirants must answer my call. They should climb down their high steeds and accept the reality on the ground. None of them will win a presidential election on the platforms of weak or virtually nonexistent political parties.


Not a single personality in Nigeria is able to raise the cult following of Obafemi Awolowo, the Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Abubakar Bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Aminu Kanos, Waziri Ibrahim, Shehu Musa Yar’ Adua, and MKO Abiola, and Bola Tinubu is in lately have been able to gain this type of cult following, and the result is that we have a weak and ineffective leader who occupies our country’ s hot spot. Whether our young people agree or not, the only structures available today are firmly in the grip of the APC and PDP. I know the standard answer is, ” The two parties are pathologically corrupt and I cannot join them…” But democracy is about majority and minority, not saints and sinners. Politics is a numbers game and no candidate will invite angels from heaven to vote.


And no leader will rule over saints alone. Leadership means managing people and resources. You can never win elections if you don’ t know your people well and your people don’ t know you well enough. To do this effectively, you must belong to a mainstream party and take advantage of the enormously significant structures that these parties have successfully built, even if it does not benefit your party or the Nigerian people. I have always maintained that it is an act of sheer cowardice to insist on leaving a strong party, allegedly full of charlatans and fake, in order to create a weak party with no substance. If there has to be change, it has to come from within.


That is what makes strong personalities. It is the strength and steel that I believe Vice President Yemi Osinbajo possesses as he subtly fights his struggles from within. This is comparable to the strength of character and determination of Bashorun MKO Abiola when he fought and imprisoned the principalities and powers that tried to dominate the Social Democratic Party (SDP), making the ideology and philosophy little different from the National Republican Convention, that she was against it. Abiola alone made the difference and changed the SDP’ s narrative by convincing people that it was really a party that cared about the interests of the masses, not just that of a few greedy politicians.


Anyone who yearns for change in Nigeria must first change their ” holier- than- you” attitude. You need to learn to be practical and willing to be reasonably tolerant and understanding. No democrat can threaten fire and brimstone and be successful. This is the way of dictators and tyrants. If you are not in the military and you can take power by force, there are steps you as a thoroughbred politician can never take. This must be part of President Muhammadu Buhari’ s frustration at the fact that he lacks the military powers that he once possessed and used as maximum ruler with extreme effect. The more he tries to be dictatorial, the more all men and women defend themselves against him in good conscience and demonstrate demonstratively that he no longer has such powers.


Buhari’ s monumental failure is largely and primarily due to his military arrogance and superiority complex. It would have been nice and lasting if he had underpinned both with positive results and glorious achievements. In more than six years and less than two years, I don’ t see any victory in sight. I doubt the APC can achieve anything tangible in the next few months.

That would be in the realm of miracles. Instead of turning water into wine, the Buhari government will easily turn wine into water.

So what’ s next? Power must be shifted by force through fire. Those who wink with a wink that it doesn’ t matter where the main candidates are from are not at all fair or sensitive to the wishes of the general public of Nigerians. In choosing our president, I was passionate about merit. There comes a time, however, when political expediency dictates that merit alone should not be enough and should, to some extent, take a back seat while other factors, including rotation, take center stage. We are in such a phase as we were in 1999. That does not mean that merit should not outweigh the selection of presidential candidates from the South.


It would be catastrophic if power did not shift south in 2023, not because I have something against the north, but because the unfortunate wave of uncertainty will continue as long as a northerner is in power. Didn’ t you notice that it was a little quieter and less restless when President Buhari was out of town and Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo was in charge? Somebody from the south desperately needs to reconcile the nation. The man or woman must act quickly and teach us to love again and to be our brothers’ keepers. It is evident that someone from the north is currently unable to do this because his or her people will even see him or her as a traitor to their cause, even though it is a bloody and bloody cause.

The debate over whether Nigeria should be divided or remain indivisible is raging and ricocheting around the world. Under this Buhari government, it has reached supersonic speed like never before. It will be very insensitive and risky if the elders of the north do not sacrifice their personal interests and reverse this blinding speed towards doom. I wouldn’ t be surprised if they don’ t. They don’ t seem to care and are just blinded by power while their people have gained little or nothing. It is known that the leaders of the South have undertaken even more concrete projects for the North.


Let us now come to the heart of my epistle today. I’ m still ready to bet that PDP will knock it out with APC in the next presidential election. The way the PDP is today, the party looks weak and frail, but in its supposed weakness I see greater hope for Nigeria and the promise of salvation. I foresee the possibility of Saul becoming Paul if the party breaks away from the debilitating fetters of the past and welcomes newcomers with an open mind. I sincerely recommend their new member registration online.

Nigerians in general should multiply the two big parties with the brightest minds, otherwise the rigid politicians will continue to dominate. We have to be ready to question the status quo. New and credible opposition leaders need to show up as soon as possible, not those who vie without a whimper and move on and only return when the next election cycle comes. Political parties should not be treated like personal property. Nigeria now urgently needs fresher and smarter minds than ever. Unfortunately, if the opposition does not offer anything or anything new, it should be prepared to remain in the opposition for much longer. Even within the ruling party, I scream for upright, motivated and dynamic doers who stand up and face the challenge.


They must be ready to fight for the soul of the ruling party so that their party is not ousted like the PDP and may be forgotten and even forgotten. This also applies to our youth. If they remain impractical and insist on repeating the same mistakes in the contest on multiple platforms, it would be a good relief from bad junk. My prayer is that sooner rather than later new synergies will emerge. . .

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