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Mixed Reactions As Benue State Government Allegedly Banned Married Women From Wearing Trousers And Mini Skirt.

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Efekwo Community in Ogbadibo LGA of Benue state has reportedly banned married women from wearing trousers, mini-skirts and other see through dresses.

According to a social media user, the supreme council has initiated a law forbidding married women from wearing Trousers and Miniskirts in Efekwo.

Since then People have aired there views saying that there is nothing wrong I wearing such dresses, even others saying that this is a modernized world not some sharia law stuff.

See some of the reactions below.

Akor John: Hope the initiators of this law you guys are celebrating understand what fundamental human rights are? The constitution of Nigeria reign supreme if there are contradictions.

John O Adoyi: Is a good development. However, the council would have. Allow their consciences to guide and judge them.

Nathaniel Ameh: Is not by banning mini- skirts and trousers oh, will they follow the rule?

Majesty Wisdom: Its a welcome development. Hope it continues across the remaining LGA of Benue state.

Michael Chukwunonso: Is this a sharia law or what?? This is abstract backwardness.

MC Prime: Efekwo is 7yrs behind the world like Ethiopia.

Obason Obason: The world has moved on look. The law looks like Sharia law or have they Islamized Efekwo too?


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