Mixed Reactions As Boy Engaged Older White Lady

This days the things happening around the world do surprise people. Just like the case of this young boy which am going to show you in this article.

We all know things look a little bit difficult this day, guys are struggling to become something through any means, either by the business they do or through other ways. However, a picture of a young boy engaging a white lady who is old enough to be his grandmother was shared on Facebook. These photos shared caught the attention of Facebook users and many poured at their thoughts toward it.

Through the comment of some Facebook users, it really shows that this guy is actually looking for something.

Just like what this Facebook user said ” My Guy Won Collect Green Card And Property”

He was trying to say that the guy wants to get a green card from the white lady and property.

Either he is looking for something from the woman or after her wealth, Or it will lead to a contract marriage which is after any of them have secured the aim of the marriage they will divorce. We have seen many things like this happen several times.

But let me as you this question so that you can share your opinion with us, Could this be love or the guy is after something else?

So am going to throw this question back to you again. Could this be love or the guy is after something else?


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