Mnangagwa’s Party ZANU-PF Alleged Plots To Grab Investigative Journalist’s Goat Project
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Mnangagwa’s party ZANU-PF Alleged plots to grab investigative journalist’s goat project


President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s party ZANU-PF is reportedly planning to grab investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono’s property including his boer goat project.

Chin’ono has been a thorn in the regime’s flesh exposing high level corruption involving top government and ruling party officials.

Apparently, apart from being thrown in and out of jail frequently, the regime is now after his private property.

Meanwhile, commenting on the matter, top lawyer Thabani Mpofu has this to say:

“The ongoing attack on Hopewell’s property rights is sufficiently sinister & serious to warrant a formal response from the state.

“The state must never allow thugs to ferment chaos.

“Individual liberties must be respected. This is a constitutional imperative.”

Renowned political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya adds:

“Solidarity matters during periods of persecution. We must never remain silent against an organised onslaught by regime agents against Chin’ono. Like and retweet to show solidarity and support for freedom of speech, press (Sec 61) and the right to own property (Sec 71)”

Chin’ono has since ordered his workers not to fight back when the ruling party thugs come to grab his property.

“I will not fight back because a citizen has no means to fight at State.

“They can take whatever they want, it simply confirms what we have always said that there is no rule of law. This is meant to silence critics.”

Chin’ono has since reported the threats he is receiving to police as required by the law:

“My lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has served this letter to Police Zimbabwe’s Law and Order section, The Police Commissioner General at Police General Headquarters and Highlands police officer in charge.

“As a law abiding citizen, I have had to report the threats as required by the law,” he says.

Chin’ono is an award winning journalist, film maker and 2 Time African Journalist of The Year.

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