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Mob lynch man who killed wife and dumped body in pit latrine

A 36-year old Kenya man was lynched by a mob a day after he killed his wife and dumped her body in a pit latrine at a deserted nursery school.

The man identified as Peter Ng’ang’a and his deceased wife had four children.

Peter is alleged to have been assisted by some unidentified people in beating up Wanjiru, 36, and dragging her to the maize field where they killed her. The husband later fled to a village where he was killed, The star.co.ke reports.

The incident was reported on Tuesday by the couple’s 13-year-old daughter, who had been locked in the house together with her nine-year-old brother as the mother was being beaten.

The locals suspected that the mother of four was killed because she reported her husband to the police.

Neighbours said Ng’ang’a was a member of a gang that had been stealing livestock in Nyandarua.

Police commander, Ireri Mwaniki, said the father lied to the children that their mother had gone to their grandmother’s home.

Bloodstains led the police and residents to the nursery school and found the body minus the head.

“When we shone the torch inside (the pit latrine) we could see the hands and intestines but not the head. We dug around the pit and used a ladder to retrieve the body,” Mwaniki said.



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