Is It Modest Enough For Teachers To Dress Like This To School? (Pictures)

No doubts, the teaching profession remains one of the most admirable field many young ones look forward to around the world, because of the opportunity it affords one to impact the lives of lots of younger ones positively.

However, while the teachers are saddled with the primary responsibility of imparting knowledge to the pupils/students, they are also expected to live an exemplary lives and rub on them the right moral values, in a world filled with vast continual moral decadence.

To this end, while there are dress codes prescribed for teachers in the country, it quite not uncommon to see some female teachers in particular, dresses in a way that attracts attention of both fellow staff or students.

Although, no one can force any teacher to dress in a particular way, but it is expedient that female teachers, especially the endowed ones, go extra-mile to pay attention to their way of dressing to school/class, in order not to get the students, especially the male ones distracted.

As you will agree with me, that there is a great decadence of moral values in our society and as such, we have students who have consequentially been affected by this, and could get distracted by the way their teachers dresses to classes.

To this end, taking a look into all these photos of teachers in classrooms, which do you think is inappropriate for a female teacher to wear to school to avoid being embarrassed or by her students or colleague?

These are other photos below to help guide our teachers on what is expected of them:

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