“He & His Mom Told Me To Do This After I Caught Him With Same Girl For The 3rd Time”- Lady Shares

One of the major problems in relationships is cheating. Cheating does a lot damage to what you two have because it automatically breaks the trust the victim has for the other partner and once trust is broken, everything changes and nothing ever remains the same. You would think that some of the people who cheat in relationships and are given a second chance by their partner, the victim, would desist and never again do it, but that isn’t true for quite a large percentage of them.

Some of them don’t even have the decency to look at themselves and say, ‘you know what ? I’m not gonna do this again, my girl or my guy deserves better’. They go out again and they cheat again. And when they get caught for the second time, they cause a lot of emotional and psychological pain to their partners.

What surprised me as I was browsing through my time line on twitter yesterday was that I saw a lady’s tweet about how she caught her man cheating for the third time, with the same girl and then him and his mother came up to her to tell her what she should do.

“I caught him cheating on me the third time with the same girl, then him and his mum told me to give him one week to break up with her after the one week, his mum called again to tell me to extend it to one month and the foolish me agreed. It ended in tears sha”

This is one of the most outrageous things I’ve seen in a while. That guy and his mother are something. The lady herself was naive.

See how people reacted to her story.

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